Top 5 Coolest Stores!

In this post I will show you the top 5 coolest looking stores on earth in my opinion.

Epic Hollister

Epic Hollister is the popular SoCal styled brand's flagship store in New York. Its 5 stories tall and is basically a larger, brighter Hollister that you see in a mall.


This beautiful glass Prada store is located in Tokyo, Japan and was designed by architects Jacques Herzog and Rem Koolhaas. It is 6 stories tall filled with all kinds of Prada products.


Helio is a cell phone provider in the United States. This store is located in Santa Monica, California and it's exterior is designed a lot like an Apple store but the interior is very modern and filled with blue neon lights.


Bape (or Bathing Ape) is a clothing store located all around the world, mostly in Asia. Most of its stores feature lots of purple and blue lights, and most of the store is designed with glass and tiles making it look very futuristic.

Apple Store Shanghai

The Apple Store in Shanghai is designed a lot like the Apple Store in New York, with a large glass shape on the outside and stairs leading underground to a huge store containing lots of Apple products. The store has a huge stadium-like wall around it. This store is open 24/7.